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On Saturday, Feb 23, I'll be at The American Museum of Natural History in NYC as it honors Black History Month with a tribute to storytellers and griots who give rich voice to the African-American experience! From noon to 6 pm, the program features me, along with Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of multi-platinum hip-hop group Run-DMC. Don't worry, I'm not rapping!

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Meet Lotus and Nesh, two children who, with the help of their guides Li'l Lotus and Li'l Neshi, learn about their private areas and how to keep them safe. This book was written by Michelle R. Britto, a social worker to teach and empower kids to protect themselves from people and situations that may cause them harm.

Soft Cover ISBN-13: 978-0-9884218-1-3
Hard Cover ISBN-13: 978-0-9884218-2-0

What's Below Your Tummy-Tum? What's Below Your Tummy Tum?


The Schomburg Center Junior Scholars were the proud hosts to nearly 1500 people for the BLACK COMIC BOOK FESTIVAL this past Saturday, January 12 – presented with Jonathan Gayles (White Scripts and Black Supermen/Georgia State Univ.), John Jennings (Black Kirby/SUNY Buffalo) and Jerry Craft (Mama’s Boyz). The day featured dozens of black comic creators and publishers who exhibited their work in the main halls of the Schomburg. Two screenings of “White Scripts and Black Supermen” by Gayles thrilled and educated the crowds. An esteemed panel of scholars presented to a packed house in the afternoon - Julian Chambliss/Rollins College, Rebecca Ann Wanzo/Washington U. St. Louis, Marcus Singer/Howard U., and Qiana Joelle Whitted/U. South Carolina. Drawing workshops led by Alex Simmons (Black Jack) and Jerry Craft inspired the youth.

Black Comic Book Fest

Black Comic Book Day NY Daily News


Mama's Boyz wins "Best Comic Strip" by the African American Literary Awards Show. It was the fourth time I've been blessed with this honor. Below is a photo of me with legendary author Walter Mosley.

Walter Mosley and Jerry Craft


I'm proud to announce the release of my first two middle-grade chapter books. Both follow the lives of African American children as they overcome some difficult situations. Humorous in some parts, serious in others, but both are great additions to any kid's (or school's) library.

KHALIL'S WAY The first is called Khalil's Way and was written by David Miller. It's the story of Khalil Joseph, an 11-year-old boy growing up in a tough New Orleans community after Hurricane Katrina. Khalil's journey shows how a young boy who is gifted in math and chess, struggles with being diagnosed with ADHD, asthma and numerous food allergies. Khalil, who lives with his mother and little sister, also struggles to deal with being bullied on a daily basis in school. Khalil's Way is funny, yet serious, journey that encourages children to make making healthy decisions. When you finish reading Khalil's Way, you may be surprised at how the skinny kid with glasses was able to win over his bully, and deal with his own disappointment of growing up without his father.

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WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT! The story of Emma, George and Joseph Fraser - three siblings who were placed in the foster care system after their mother became mentally ill and their father could no longer care for them. Based on fact, the story follows the trio as they bounce from one home to another looking for a family to call their own. They quickly find that it takes teamwork to make the dream work! Written by best-selling author George C. Fraser ( and his sister Emma Fraser-Pendleton.

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IN THE WORKS!Positive Force: Hero in the Hood

August and September will be pretty busy as I finish up a full-color, 12-page comic book for the Washington DC Public School System. More on that as it develops.

I'm also working on two of my own books. The first is "The Offenders" which takes a look at 5 middle-school bullies. But the story has a real twist. Believe that!

The other is Positive Force: Hero in the Hood, a young adult novel about a 17 year-old superhero who works with his father to clean up his Harlem community. You can't get the book yet, but you can order this amazing poster illustrated by the awesome M'Shindo Kuumba! Posters are 16 x 22 and printed on heavy photographic paper. Be the first to get yours while supplies last!

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Starting September, I'll be teaching a weekly art class at the Rowayton Arts Center located at 145 Rowayton Ave, in Rowayton, CT. For more info, call 203-866-2744 or check out their website at